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Lama V6 Rc Helikopter

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Lama V6 Rc Helikopter

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R/C 4 Channel "Shark" LAMA Helicopter


R/C 4 Channel "Shark"
LAMA Helicopter, It can reach for the skies with this realistic
looking 4 channel chopper that offers unprecedented stability and
control through the use of co-axial counter-rotating rotors. The power
and precision of "Sharl" LAMA 8g servos, an advanced 4-in-1
controller, and a Elegant looking, lightweight body Airframe that
really stands out. The "Shark:" LAMA features counter-rotating main
blades that can be cancel out the rotational torque that makes
hovering a challenge in conventional helicopters.

They also
make rudder turns much easier by slowing down one or the other blade
without affecting the stability of the aircraft. 

If you fly
this product outdoors, please make sure when little wind or no wind is
present as this can adversely affect flying conditions.



  • * Main rotor
    diameter: 340mm

  • * Weight: 230g *
    Length: 408mm * Width: 85mm

  • * Height: 180mm

  • * Power system: 180

  •  * Transmitter:
    Standard 4 Channels

  • * Mix controller: 4
    in 1 controller (w/gyro, mixer, ESC, receiver)

  • * Servo: 8g,
    1.3kg.CM, 0.12s/60°

  • * Battery: 7.4V
    800mAh Li-polymer battery


  • Fully Functional 4 Channels Radio Controller
  • Up & Down, Tail Spin Left & Right, Forward and Back
  • A Real Life Helicopter Styling
  • Twinl 180
    motors makes the "Shark" Lama V4 powerful and efficient
  • Full
    Coaxial, counter-rotating blade rotor design, provides incredible
    stability and positive control.
  • Elegant Designed Super
    Strong Crashworthy Propellers
  • Altitude and Rotor Speed
  • Flight Stabilizing System, Stable Hover
  • Factory
    Pre-installed ESKY 8g servos and 4-in-1 control unit.
  • Remote
    Contoller Function Mix controller: 4 in 1 controller (w/gyro, mixer,
    ESC, receiver)
  • Full 3D Flight
  • Flight over 100
  • Flight Times 8 -15 Minutes per charges
  • Super
    Heavy Duty, and Solid Construction Airframe
  • Battery: 7.4
    Volts and 800 Mah LI-PO battery
  • Included Balance Charger (
    Avoid Over charges Battery)
  • Include AC charger
  • Included
    Spare Top Balde and Bottom Blade
  • Complete set, ready to
  • Suitable for children ages 14 & up


  • Rechargeable
    Batteries should be charged under adult supervision.
  • Rechargeable
    Batteries should be removed from helicopter before being charge.
  • Exhausted batteries should be removed.
  • Do Not mix old
    and new batteries.
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